Germany celebrates new cannabis laws

Germany celebrates new cannabis laws
Germany legalises cannabis possession and home cultivation
Aljazeera / VideoElephant

Cannabis smokers in Germany came together at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin to celebrate a new law which came into effect at midnight.

The new law permits adults over the age of 18 to carry 25 grams of weed for personal consumption. Cannabis will remain prohibited for minors.

Public use is allowed. However, it must not be within the sight of children or near sports facilities. It is also forbidden in pedestrian zones between 7am and 8pm.

Smokers will be able to store up to 50 grams of weed at home and are allowed to have three plants for home cultivation.

As of July 1, private cannabis clubs can supply 500 members on a limited basis.

Steffen Geyer, head of the Association of Cannabis Social Clubs, said: "It's not the law we expected, but it's a good law because we will have 180,000 less prosecutions in the next year".

He added: "That will be a big relief for cannabis consumers.

"You can have 25g of cannabis with you without being in fear of arrest and fear of problems with the police.

"Cannabis consumers will have a new place within our society.

"We will no longer be the black sheep of the recreational community."

Steffen continued: "We will be just like the people who use alcohol, or use chocolate, or coffee or tea."

Germany is not the first European country to ease up on the rules around cannabis. Small quantities has been decriminalized in Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Belgium, and the Netherlands – though certain rules remain in place.

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