'Cannabis tasting expert' is a job title at this company


Many fine diners will be familiar with the concept of a wine sommelier, who is there to help your tastebuds get the most out of a meal with some expertly selected wine.

Now, the role of sommelier has infiltrated new realms of the dining experience: cannabis.

Yes, that's right, people are about to get snooty with their 'essences' and 'undertones' about weed.

A cannabis tour and event company based in Colorado, United States, is offering a three-course meal with wine, food and cannabis.

Recreational use of cannabis is permitted in Colorado, as well as in three other US states.

Cultivating Spirits’ founder, Philip Wolf, is one of the US’s first accredited cannabis sommelier, after having “interpening” training from Denver’s Trichome Institute.

The school describes interpening as “a method used to identify and understand cannabis variety”, and the course “teaches how to assess the quality of the flower”.

Wolf, who has just been promised an investment of $400,000, told Bloomberg that he will:

break down the strain of cannabis and give that over to the chef.

We don’t prepare the menu until two days before the event, to utilise the freshest ingredients.

He says the cannabis offers a “third layer” to the dining experience.

A three-course meal from Denver’s start-up, plus that "third layer", will set you back a minimum of $225 (£173) per person.

But you do get to take the pipe, lighter and ashtray home with you afterwards.

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