5 new things we learned about the Capitol riots from this shocking never-before-seen footage

5 new things we learned about the Capitol riots from this shocking never-before-seen footage

On day two of the Donald Trump impeachment trial, Democrats unveiled never-before-seen videos of the Capitol riot in order to progress their case forward.

Democratic representative Jamie Raskin – the lead impeachment manager – warned beforehand that his team would show videos of the Capitol assault that would include scenes of "shocking violence and bloodshed".

"We do urge parents and teachers to exercise close review of what young people are watching here, and please watch along with them if you're allowing them to watch," he said.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the new footage:

Never-before-seen police audio and body camera footage

Senators were first played police radio traffic from January 6, where officers described multiple injuries, said "they're throwing metal poles at us" and called for immediate reinforcements.

After playing increasingly desperate calls from police, Democrats also showed footage of rioters breaking down windows with a riot shield to climb into the Capitol. The clips shows a man climbing into the building carrying a baseball bat and wearing body armour, as others pour in and follow.

Mike Pence seen being evacuated from the Senate chamber

Later the footage showed former Vice President Mike Pence quickly evacuated from the chamber with his family, and rioters can be heard chanting, "Hang Mike Pence!" and "Bring out Pence!" as they roam the halls searching for him.

During the trial on Wednesday, House impeachment manager Stacey Plaskett said: "You can hear the mob calling for the death of the vice-president of the United States."

Clips captures moments leading up to death of Ashli Babbitt

Graphic video of the moment when Ashli Babbitt was shot and killed was also played. The clip shows police shooting into the crowd through a broken window, killing the woman from California – one of 5 people who ultimately died from the storming of the Capitol.

Mitt Romney running for his life

Senator Mitt Romney was seen running for his life after Proud Boys and other rioters smashed their way into the US Capitol.

The video, taken from the Capitol security footage and containing no sound, showed the Utah senator running down a corridor, having been told to flee by Capitol Hill police officer Eugene Goodman.

"I was very fortunate indeed that Officer Goodman was there to get me in the right direction," Romney later told reporters.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer also has a close call

Schumer, a Democrat from New York, was also shown going down a hallway with his security detail, only to quickly turn around and begin running in the opposite direction to avoid the mob.

He was not the only one: Congressman Eric Swalwell played video showing a number of senators leaving the chamber and running through a hallway to safety. Swalwell said the senators were "58 steps" from where the mob was amassing at the time.

While the chilling footage is difficult to watch, and despite Democrat’s attempt to show evidence that “ex-president Trump was no bystander” in this situation, it seems unlikely that anything will come of this. Because convicting Trump would require some bipartisan effort, and 17 votes from the Republican side of the aisle, it is almost certain he won't be convicted.

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