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A good parking space can be hard to find, especially in a bustling city like London.

Sure, most people use the public transport system in the British capital but certain jobs require a car and a parking space.

Those spaces are often so sought after that people opt to pay for them and effectively rent them for a year.

That's all well and good but what if someone else, who has no right to be there, insists on continuously stealing the space and ignores requests to move the vehicle?

That's the exact situation that Reddituser Goalnado found themselves just a few weeks ago.

Sharing a story on the subreddit ProRevenge, the user described a dispute which is epic in scope but also remarkably petty.

Upset with one man who kept parking their car illegally in the small company car park, the user decided to block the car in for an extraordinary amount of time much to the annoyance of the other car owner.

You can read the full story below but be warned, the story does contain some very strong language.

Despite this dispute being incredibly minor other Reddit users were in full support of the action taken.

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