Girl parks her car at a market and comes back to find the traders have taken epic revenge

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In our darkest moments, we all wish for sweet, sweet revenge on drivers who leave their badly parked cars in our way.

But we also know how easy it is to park our cars in unwise spots - sometimes you've just got to get somewhere, ok?

At least one of us probably won't be making that mistake again.

Khembe Gibbons left her car parked overnight while she stayed at her friend's house in Bury St Edmunds - but in a moment horrific enough to haunt any driver's nightmares, couldn't find it in the morning.

The 19-year-old bartender was worried her car had been towed until she realised it was market day...

Traders had cleverly built a stall around the car in their way, blocking it from view - this might have been a practical necessity, but it worked as a dose of hilarious vengeance too.

Gibbons told UNILAD:

I stood there in shock thinking okay I definitely can't move that, and I had to really embarrassingly apologise to the stall owners.

They just shook their heads and looked fairly annoyed, and said: "You'll have to come back later and get it. It's your fault."

So I apologised about 12 times and just edged away slowly. 

Traders might have enjoyed the long market hours more than usual when Gibbons couldn't move her car until 5.15pm.

Fortunately, there's a happy ending.

At least the camouflaged car was hidden from parking attendants (and their tickets) too. Phew.


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