Expert issues warning against leaving Stanley cups in cars

Expert issues warning against leaving Stanley cups in cars

Experts have urged people not to leave their Stanley Quencher Cups or any other valuable items in cars as they may attract thieves.

Earlier this week, one woman reportedly claimed her car had been broken into... for the sake of the viral cup.

The image showed a smashed car window with the text overlay: "Hope you enjoy the Stanley Cup."

"This incident highlights the importance of making sure you don’t leave any valuables in your car. As cars have clear windows, anything left in your vehicle, especially overnight, can attract thieves who are looking for anything of monetary value," Keith Hawes, director of Nationwide Vehicle Contracts said.

"It can be easy to forget the cost of your everyday products, but this shows the importance of clearing your car every time you leave it to ensure you aren’t targeted.

"This is especially important if you lease your car and do not own it, as it needs to come back in good condition once the contract ends."


Experts at the company shared eight invaluable tips for keeping cars and valuables safe from thieves:

Remove any valuables from your car

"One of the main reasons thieves break into a car is because they’ve seen something inside that has value, such as a phone, laptop, or even a Stanley Cup.

"If you don’t want to remove some items from the car, make sure you hide them from view.

"Typical areas are the glove box or under the seats, but you can get creative and hide valuables under floor mats, in the spare wheel, and between the seat cushions. But we recommend removing all valuables from your car as soon as you get home or leave it."

Keep your keys out of sight at home

"Having your keys near your front door is great for convenience in the morning but also for opportunistic car thieves. It’s common for thieves to try and get a hold of the keys by fishing for them through the letterbox or an open ground-floor window. To prevent this, keep your keys in a secure location that’s out of sight."

Prevent keyless entry fraud

"Cars with keyless entry automatically lock when the keys are within a certain distance of the vehicle. You don’t have to do anything at all; the car will open as long as you’ve got your keys with you. Thieves are increasingly trying to clone the signal emitted from your keys, thus enabling them to open the car and steal it."

A few simple steps can avoid this:

  • When at home, keep your keys well away from your car
  • Turn off the wireless signal on your keys when at home
  • Put the keys in a signal-blocking pouch

Park responsibly

"This is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your car remains safe whilst at home. If you have a garage or a driveway at home, make sure you use them. Although it may be a bit more awkward than parking outside your house, it massively decreases the chances of your car or its items being stolen. If your house or flat has no secure parking, make sure you park in a well-lit area."

Install a security light

"Installing a security light in your driveway will deter thieves. Car thieves like to use the cover of darkness to mask their work, and a security light will often scare them away. Security lights cost around £20, so they are worth the cost."

Install a CCTV camera

"CCTV cameras will deter car thieves and help you identify them. Installing a CCTV camera system at home is not cheap, but the security benefits are worth it and there are a range of different options for homeowners to choose from."

Buy a steering wheel lock

"Most of the time, car thieves who want a quick turnaround will walk past a car with a steering wheel lock. If a thief does choose your car, a steering wheel lock may give you an extra few seconds to spot them."

Always lock your car

"Lock your vehicle whenever you leave it. Even if you’re unloading some shopping or filling up the car for a day trip away, lock the car whenever you leave its sight.

"You should especially do this if your car has wing mirrors that fold in when it’s locked. Some thieves target modern cars whose wing mirrors are out, as there’s a greater chance the vehicle is unlocked."

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