This response to a customer complain about Cards Against Humanity is the best thing you'll read today

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Unless you live under a rock, you'll know that June was Pride month: an international celebration of all things LGBT+.

To celebrate, Cards Against Humanity, the witty anarchic card game, which describes itself as 'a party game for horrible people', brought out a special 'Pride Pack' edition, which was supposed to include lots and lots and lots of glitter.

Unfortunately for one keen player, Kait Johnson, when she went to order her pack, the company had completely run out of glitter, leaving her feeling more than a little bit disappointed.

Speaking to Bored Panda, Kait said:

I play cards against humanity all the time I love it so much.

My friends and I all have sick senses of humor so it’s always a fun time!

So, to avoid further disappointment, she decided to email the company's customer services, and let them know that despite being a loyal customer, she felt let down.

In response, the company emailed her back rather cryptically.

They then sent her a letter in the post...

Despite the glitter-bomb, she was still left feeling a little underwhelmed, so she continued to goad them.


Careful what you wish for, folks.

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