This Caroline Lucas speech on Brexit, Boris Johnson, Trump and climate change is a must watch

Friday night's BBC debate between representatives of all the major political parties wasn't the most spectacular of affairs but it did feature a few stand out moments.

Firstly, we had Nicola Sturgeon shutting down the Brexit Party chairman, Richard Tice but before that, the Green Party leader Caroline Lucas, delivered the introduction to end all introductions.

Touching on everything from Brexit, Trump, Boris Johnson and climate change, the 58-year-old MP managed to perfectly hit the nail on the head regarding this general election.

Lucas said:

Tonight I'm going to correct one big lie and tell one big truth.

First, the big lie; 'Get Brexit Done.' Boris Johnson's rotten deal will not get it done.

It's just the start of years more wrangling. His 'oven-ready meal' is made of chlorinated chicken and will make us all sick.

And when we turn up at the hospital we will find that it has been flogged off to Trump's America.

That's why the Green Party support a people's vote on Brexit and we will campaign wholeheartedly to remain.

Now, the big truth. From the arctic to the Amazon, the world is on fire.

Scientists say that we have just 10 years to stop runaway climate chaos.

This emergency requires us to rise up and be our best. An opportunity not just to overt disaster but through an ambitious green new deal to fix Britain for good.

This election is the greatest, perhaps the last chance, to change course. Children can't vote. The planet can't vote.

It is up to you and I ask you; if not now, when?

Lucas's electric speech has since gone viral on Twitter and has been viewed over 600,000 times and, needless to say, people are loving it.

Fortunately, Lucas wasn't done there and during the evening's proceedings, she also found time to lash out at the Tories disputable record on climate change.

Bravo Caroline, bravo.

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