Christmas was a good time for Danielle Bregoli’s mum.

You might know her better as the ‘Cash me outside’ girl, and she gave her mum the ultimate Christmas present.

Bregoli paid off her mum’s mortgage to the tune of $65,000 (£48,400), according to TMZ.

Since her appearance on Dr Phil, the 14-year-old has been pursuing a music career and recently released a new single.

She even has a reality show in the works.

In a viral online clip she took, Bregoli hands her mum a red envelope.

Picture:Picture: Danielle Bregoli/TMZ screengrab

Her mum opens it, and after a few moments of confusion, tearfully asks...

Are you serious?

...before embracing her daughter.


It seems Christmas has a way of softening even the hardest hearts.


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