A cat just walked the catwalk in Turkey - and it's glorious

Hold the front page! A cat just walked down the catwalk in Turkey - and people can't get enough.

Footage has emerged of the sassy feline strutting her stuff on the aptly named 'catwalk' during Esmond International Fashion Show in Istanbul, Turkey, on Friday.

Speaking to The Dodo about the unexpected attendant at the show, fashion designer Goksen Hakki Ali commented:

Everybody was in shock

After footage of the feline was posted onto Instagram, it quickly went viral, with over 100,000 views:

It's unclear where the feline came from, or how it got access to the exclusive event, but as soon it placed its best paw forward on the catwalk it enraptured the audience, calmly cleaning herself before launching attacks on passing models.

When asked by The Dodo whether the cat had a future in fashion, designer Hakki Ali said:

Maybe! Why not?

It waits to be seen whether the eye-catching kitten will be gracing the cover of next month's Vogue magazine, but judging by her purr-fect performance, it seems paw-sitively likely!

HT The Dodo

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