The seven common things you do that make your cat secretly hate you

The seven common things you do that make your cat secretly hate you

We're all aware of how fickle cats can be with affection; one moment you're their whole world and the next you're left with paper-cut like claw marks on your hand for literally no reason.

Most of the time cats are extremely blase and like to be cute and lounge around, other times, well, these felines are feisty and on the hunt.

While it's objectively adorable to pick up your cat and dress up them up adorable clothing, it turns out - shockingly - the cat might well loathe this kind of attention.

Here are seven things your cat might secretly hate:

1. Your cat secretly hates being picked up and cradled like a newborn.

Generally a cat will enjoy laying in your lap, or to be picked up and cuddled when you haven't seen it for a while, but they hate when you pick them up like a baby.

According to Healthy Pets, being picked up makes cats feel insecure and they want nothing more than to get their paws back on the floor and this feeling of insecurity is intensified when picked up like a baby.

While it might look completely adorable (and be a little fun) it's not their favourite thing. So bare that in mind the next time you feel compelled to pick your cat up and maybe only do it (if you really have to) for a few seconds.

2. Your cat secretly hates being photographed all the time.

Cats are very photogenic and you probably like to take photos of it, but what you might not know is that your cat doesn't really enjoy having a phone in their face all the time.

This is made worse if the flash is being used as it's extremely jarring for them - as we know it is for us - so cool it on the camera flash.

3. Your cat secretly hates eye contact.

According to the website Feline Forever, cats communicate through eye contact and for them, making eye contact is a means of establishing dominance.

As with most animals if you avert your eyes the cat will think they have the power, but stare too long and the cat will think you aggressive so they may prepare to pounce or go for you.

However, if a cat blinks or winks at you, this is a good sign as it shows affections, indicating they are not threatened.

4. Your cat secretly hates it when you meow at them.

It's almost impossible not to do this one. What other noise are you supposed to make when your cat meows at you, after all?

National Geographic reports that cats use meows to interact with humans specifically - not other cats - but they also don't expect humans to do it back to them.

They vocalise to get our attention, be it for food, water, fresh litter or to play.

While we can probably guess as to what the cat wants from this, if we meow back the cat becomes confused because they don't understand the gibberish we're trying to relay to them.

5. Your cat secretly (outright) hates when you dress them up.

If you've never tried to dress a cat, you can probably guess as to the amount of squirming and fighting back you'll experience.

According to Wide Open Pets, cats really don't like having something against their fur because how it feels uncomfortable and restricts them.

Everyone dresses their pets, but maybe give a thought to not doing it so often, or be sure they aren't restricted in any way if you absolutely must dressed them up.

6. Your cat secretly hates being given milk.

Most cats are lactose intolerant, according to, so the entire belief that cats love milk is seemingly a myth.

Humans who are lactose intolerant can speak to the discomfort caused by drinking milk, so imagine that happening to your cat and maybe you'll think twice about offering it milk.

7. Your cat secretly hates change.

Like most humans, cats are also not a big fan of change. If it's stressful to us, you better believe it's stressful to your pet.

This can range from new food types, taking them for trips in the car, moving house and of course, taking them to the vet all count in the mind of a cat as 'change' and this causes the feline a lot of stress.

As you might imagine, if you're thinking about changing things up with your cat, you will need to gradually introduce the change instead of throwing them in the deep end of the proverbial pool.

Gradual change helps the cat to adjust and minimises the stress, according to Cat Health Network.

There you have it.

Even though a cat would run away and leave your family at the sight of a home intruder and their intentions, we love them regardless of the fact they're cats.

To show them how we feel, maybe just stop doing these things right meow.

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