Cat rescued after three weeks trapped in wall cavity

Molly the cat
Molly the cat

A cat has been rescued after being trapped in a wall cavity for three weeks.

Molly got lost when her owners were moving out of their house in Glossop in Derbyshire and could not be found even when they returned to the home to leave food out for her.

The new owner, Glyn Stafford, also could not find the cat, despite leaving food and milk out every day.

Molly the cat

Finally on Wednesday, having assumed Molly had run off during the move, he heard meowing from a wall near the kitchen.

Mr Stafford said: “I was quite surprised when I heard the meow after all that time and called the RSPCA straight away.

“I have had cats myself so I really wanted her to get out and be safe.”

RSPCA officer Jenny Bethel could not find a way to remove the cat from the wall cavity so called Derbyshire Fire and Rescue for help.

They took floorboards up from the bathroom above the kitchen and were able to reach her from there.

Ms Bethel said: “She must have been terrified spending all that time trapped in such a tight spot.

Molly the cat

“She looked quite skinny so I took her to a local vet and fortunately she was found to be healthy but in need of feeding up.”

Molly has since been returned to her owners.

Mr Stafford said: “The floorboards had to come up to get her but the damage can be repaired.

“The cat’s life is what mattered.

“The RSPCA and fire service did a great job and I was so relieved to see Molly looking so well really even though it appears she hadn’t eaten or had any water for such a long period of time.”

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