Charles Bronson says he wants Tom Hardy to father his child

Charles Bronson says he wants Tom Hardy to father his child
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In a case of life imitating art, notorious prisoner Charles Bronson wants Tom Hardy to father his child.

Often known as the "most violent prisoner in Britain", Bronson has been in and out of prison since 1974 for a variety of crimes including armed robbery, wounding with intent, GBH, and threatening to eat a fellow inmate.

He is now in prison for life after kidnapping an art teacher in a 40-hour siege in 1999.

His story was immortalised in the 2008 biopic Bronson, in which actor Tom Hardy played the 64-year-old.

The movie has since become a cult hit and it appears that Bronson himself is a fan of Hardy.

Bronson, who now goes by the surname of Salvador, is engaged to soap actress Paula Williamson and the couple want to have a baby.

However, the inmate has been denied any conjugal visits at Wakefield jail or intimate relations with Williamson is now seeking an alternative.

In a letter he has suggested that 40-year-old Hardy would be an ideal surrogate father.

The powers that be seem to think I can’t have a baby with my Paula.

But you know... I always come up with something special.

Picture: Picture: George Bamby

Maybe a ­surrogate daddy. If Tom says yes, I think it’s got to be him.

Get a meet with Tom. See what he thinks. I think Paula would go with that choice.

I’ll be discussing it with my Paula. It will be nice for her to have a baby to keep her happy while she awaits my freedom.

Should Tom not be up for it, he does go on to suggest that Danny Dyer would be a suitable replacement.

If Tom shuns the offer he said he will turn to Danny Dyer, also 40, to help ensure the baby has the 'jet black hair.'

Bronson and Williamson began exchanging letters in 2013, before getting engaged six months ago.

They now hope to be married before Bronson's parole hearing on 7 November.

In the letter Bronson also revealed his lavish plans for their wedding, should it happen.

Make sure you get a white horse because I want to see Paula arrive on it.

Her ring is being designed by a top jeweller, Andy Croft in Doncaster. It’s a beauty.

Oh important. There is a big party in London to celebrate the wedding a few weeks after.

Don’t forget, I don't want it to be a gangsters party. I am an artist, not a gangster. 

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