There are many claims pumped out by Republicans and conservatives to strike fear into the minds of the electorate, but the one about Democrats wanting Americans to live in a world full of “sexual anarchy” is the worst.

Not because it’s bad or anything, but because it actually sounds kind of fun.

The bizarre statement was made on a radio show by right-wing activist and Turning Point US founder Charlie Kirk, who was commenting on remarks made by New York senator and Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer.

“I want every Republican out there to realise when the Democrats are winning, they are rubbing it in our face, and some Republican senators are now coming up, and they are stunned, like, ‘how dare he do this?’

“You think we’re still living in the same country, don’t you, senators from South Dakota … You think we’re still living in the 1980s, where the Democrats actually want what’s best for America?”

According to Kirk, this isn’t what’s happening in 2021 – apparently.

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He continued: “The Democrats want to destroy the country, we know this … They want to see America completely obliterated, the constitution shredded and remade in their own San Francisco, Brooklyn, Malibu, Manhattan image.

“Where there is no cultural identity, where you live in sexual anarchy, where private property is a thing of the past, and the ruling class controls everything.”

However, when the video was shared to Twitter by Media Matters researcher Jason Campbell, many people weren’t alarmed by the vision Kirk set out, instead arguing that he was “threatening us with a good time”:

Others, meanwhile, noted that his hair could do with a brush:

Despite going viral and facing ridicule for his comments, Kirk has since doubled down on his remarks, publishing a series of posts about “sexual anarchy” on his Twitter.

“Sexual anarchy is destroying America,” one reads.

A follow-up tweet added: “Sexual anarchy is the throwing off of the natural order. The hatred of structure. The motivation to consume for the pleasure of self. Valuing the immediate over the eternal.”

So much for Turning Point. To many, Kirk’s description of a Democrat future sounds like a turn-on.

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