Touche pas a mon poste grab

Charlize Theron was in France alongside actor Seth Rogan promoting her new film Long Shot when she was left furious after a TV presenter kissed her interpreter without her permission.

The actress was shocked after Cyril Hanouna, 44, went over to her interpreter, Nadia and kissed her on the cheek during an episode of the show Touche pas a mon poste.

“Maybe ask next time?” Theron shouted at the presenter, and Rogen, who was sat next to her looking awkward, echoed her sentiment with a “Yes”.

Seth was not ok

The exchange angered people online, especially in light of #MeToo

Others pointed out that the channel has had problems in the past

And they're calling for him to be fired

And people praised Theron for standing up for her translator

According to local media, Hanouna has been involved in a number of such incidents.

In 2016 he was involved in an incident after game show host Jean-Michel Maire kissed her breast after she refused to kiss his cheek, on Hanouna’s show.

After she refused to kiss Maire a number of times, he decided he would ignore her refusal, and go in for her cheek.

When she turned her head away to avoid it, he ducked down and kissed her breast instead.

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