Chelsea Handler
Chelsea Handler

Comedian Chelsea Handler has blasted Republicans for having 'blood on their hands' after Wednesday's shooting at a high school in Florida.

The shooting claimed the lives of 17 people – most of them teenagers.

Shortly after the news broke on Wednesday, Handler tweeted this to her more than 8 million followers:

A defiant critic of Trump, Chelsea Handler recently announced she was leaving her Netflix talk show to devote more time to political activism.

Still working with Netflix, she wants to create a documentary to "engage with people I don't talk with enough – people of different ethnicities, religions and political philosophies".

The shooting has once again brought gun control laws into the spotlight and many people are upset with the GOP for their apparent inaction on the matter.

Trump's first response to the shooting was, of course, via Twitter and extremely underwhelming:

Trump offered "prayers and condolences" in the post and later gave an address from the Oval Office.

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