Chick-fil-A blames 'misspelling' after being accused of writing racial slur on customer order

Chick-fil-A blames 'misspelling' after being accused of writing racial slur on customer order
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A woman in North Carolina was shocked and upset when her daughter received what appeared to be a misspelled racial slur on her Chick-fil-A order.

April Jackson posted on Facebook earlier this month appalled that her 19-year-old daughter Nyiashia had her name spelled “B-NIGER” from a Chick-fil-A location in Charlotte.

“This is really bothering me my daughter just left from Chick-fil-A off brookshire and this what the employee put for her name and it’s black history month,” Jackson wrote on 13, February.

Jackson’s post went viral with over 1000 shares and 900 comments from people.

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The North Carolina mom spoke to local news station WSOC-TV, saying she is, “really, really upset and sad” over the matter.

“She told [the worker] her name was Nyiashia, and [the worker] put on her ticket n****,” Jackson said.

Nyiashia told the news station when she picked up her order at the drive-thru window, one Chick-fil-A worker warned her about the spelling.

The young woman said, “I was just in shock. I literally parked right there. I couldn’t eat the food, I was just in shock.”

Chick-fil-A says, “It is Chick-fil-A, Inc.’s expectation that guests at all Chick-fil-A restaurants are treated with honor, dignity, and respect."

"The Operator/Owner of Chick-fil-A Mountain Island has thoroughly investigated and tried to connect with the customer to better understand her experience and apologize for the situation. Though we understand this to be a misspelling of the customer’s name, that does not negate the impact or experience had by our guests. The Operator has started additional training at his restaurant to ensure this doesn’t happen again. We sincerely apologize for the harm caused by this incident.”

However, Jackson doesn't think that's enough and says she wants the employee fired and she wants to pursue legal action.

Jackson said, "You shouldn’t have to be trained to not call someone a n****. I’m just being as honest as I can be."

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