There’s a new clip of a child interrupting a live broadcast and everyone is reminded of the BBC kid of 2017

Children adorably interrupting their journalist parents’ live broadcasts seem to be a growing trend and the internet is absolutely here for it.

As are we.

In the latest whoopsy daisy moment on TV, NBC news’ national security and Pentagon correspondent Courtney Kube was reporting on Turkish airstrikes in Syria.

During the live MSNBC broadcast, one of her four-year-old twin sons interrupted her broadcast, walking onto the camera.

He poked her, prodded her and tried to get her attention, much to her colleague – and viewers’ amusement.

Eventually Kube told viewers: "Excuse me, my kids are here,” laughing, "Live television."

MSNBC shared the video on Twitter, captioning it:

Sometimes unexpected breaking news happens while you're reporting breaking news" with the hashtags "MSNBCMoms" and "workingmoms."

People loved the wholesome clip

Lara Jakes, of the New York Times, provided some unfortunate context for the clip

And people were also reminded of BBC Dad...

This isn’t the first time a child made a grab for fame. In 2017 Robert E Kelly was lending his expertise about the Koreas to BBC, when his video stream was interrupted by his children.

Hilarity obviously ensued.

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