"This is disgusting": Children react to seeing plastic pollution in the ocean

"This is disgusting": Children react to seeing plastic pollution in the ocean

Twelve million tonnes of plastic end up in the oceans every year.

The Eco Experts decided to show children images of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans.

First, researchers asked children to draw pictures of animals in the ocean.

There were lots of fishes drawn, as well as turtles and crabs and a whale.


However, children were shocked when they were shown images of beaches across the world strewn with thousands of bits of plastic.

One said:

The animals will probably be having a really horrible time with all the junk.


This is pretty disgusting. I would not like to go here.

When they were asked what could be done about the tonnes of plastic in the ocean, a young boy suggested fining people for “not throwing their rubbish in the recycling bin".

Plastic pollution is a worldwide problem.

In a new study reported by The Independent, UK businesses are “drastically underestimating the amount of plastic packaging waste they produce".

According to latest government figures, Britain generated 2.26 million tonnes of plastic packaging waste in 2015, but the true figure could be more than 50 per cent higher.

You can watch the entire clip here.

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