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Is it just us, or is homework getting harder?

Not so long ago we were scratching our heads over the word sequence test, which seemed to make no sense at all.

Then there was the incomprehensible maths question, which was basically impossible to answer.

The latest example in this ongoing series of incredibly difficult questions for kids comes from Plymouth.

When Annie Jordan's four-year-old child brought home a piece of English homework, it appeared to be a doddle.

The task involved naming the objects shown on the piece of paper, all of which were CVC words (i.e consonant, vowel, consonant).

Picture:Picture: Facebook/ Annie Jordan

As you can see the first five questions were easy: pan, tap, hat, rat and hen.

Nothing too tasking at all here, except, what on earth is that last image of?

A swimming pool? A work surface? An ice rink? It looks like an ice rink if you zoom in.

Picture:Picture: Facebook/ Annie Jordan

The heavily pixelated image stumped both Annie and her child leaving her no choice but to ask her friends on Facebook.

She wrote:

Right please someone tell me what the last one is, because I literally don’t have a clue.

Some people guessed ice or wet or even hockey but none of those work as they aren't CVC words.

In the end, it was confirmed by the teacher who gave out the homework that the answer was in fact "rink".

You might be thinking: "how does that work? It's got four letters."

According to one clever clogs on Annie's Facebook, it's all down to phonics.

In phonics, this would count as a CVC as three sounds r - i - nk.

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