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The gaokao is a notoriously tough exam in China; it last two days, it is impossible to get full marks and it can determine your opportunities in life.

Millions of students take this college entrance exam over two days in June every year. Meanwhile, China comes to a standstill with construction work halted near exam halls and police patrol to ensure quiet.

Writing one UCAS statement for a bunch of Universities doesn't seem so demanding now, when the top Universities in China have been known to select only 1 in 50,000 students.

The four, three-hour papers cover Chinese, English, maths and a choice of either sciences or humanities.

Here are some questions from the infamous test in 2015.

And this is a maths question for humanities students.

Given f (x) = sinx - (2sqrt(3))(sin^2(pi/2)):

A) Find f(x)’s smallest positive revolution;

B) Find f(x)’s smallest value, given that the period is [0,2pi/3].

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