Gunfire erupts in an argument over guacamole

Gunfire erupts in an argument over guacamole

Gunfire erupts in an argument over guacamole

An argument over guacamole at a Chipotle on Friday evening took a dangerous turn when gunfire broke out, leaving one employee injured.

The incident occurred at a Chipotle location in Southfield, Michigan, situated just north of Detroit. Fox 2 News spoke to witnesses, who said that at approximately 6:50pm local time, shouting broke out in the fast-casual restaurant between a customer and an employee over guacamole, which customers can add to their disses for a further charge.

But things went downhill fast when the argument turned violent, with the customer opening fire and hitting an employee.

"I was just eating a bowl and I heard shouting. And then I looked over, they're arguing," witness Thomas Huber told the local news station.

"One of the workers went to the back, I don't know why, and then when he was in the back, the customer walked around the counter, tried to grab his food and put it in a bag. Then the employee came back, and they started fighting, and then we heard a gunshot and just ran out as quick as we could."

The employee, a 21-year-old who was injured during the dispute, was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. Southfield Police Department reported the employee was in a stable condition after sustaining a wound to their leg.

Witnesses were shocked when they watched the undisclosed suspect casually walking to his car after injuring an employee.

"He took his time getting out...probably 30 seconds after [opening fire]," witness Michael Beals told Fox 2. "I was in my car and I saw him just walk out to his car, close the door, and just drive off – he didn't speed off or anything, it was weird to see."

The unnamed suspect, a 31-year-old Detroit man, was taken into police custody shortly after fleeing the scene. The Chipotle location was closed to the public after police arrived.

Gunfire almost broke out at a different Chipotle location in Philadelphia back in 2021. A woman brandished a gun after being told she would have to order her food online.

In an attempt to de-escalate the situation, employees prepared the food, and security footage was examined to try and locate the woman after she left.

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