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A new exhibition curated by charity Queer Britain is showcasing the wonderful diversity in LGBT+ families in celebration of Pride.

The exhibition is launched as Queer Britain fundraises to open the UK's first LGBT+ museum, and will have the works of four artists, Alia Romagnoli, Bex Day, Kuba Ryniewicz and Robert Taylor. Each of their pieces looks at the theme of ‘Chosen Family’ in which they explore different kinds of families.

The exhibition comes at an important time. Hostility towards LGBT+ families, and education around rights remains high.

Esther McVey, the former Tory leadership candidate sparked fury among colleagues when she claimed parents should be able to stop their children learning about LGBT+ relationships in school.

“I believe parents know best for their children,” she said, but added that she did not agree with the recent spate of demonstrations held by parents on school grounds.

LGBT+ people are often the target of bullying and discrimination all over the world, with certain countries holding explicit anti-LGBT+ laws that make it difficult for people in the community to live.

Times are changing as LGBT+ representation increases in the public sphere, and the exhibition hopes to show the different facets of family within the community.

Here are some of the photos that make up the exhibition:

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