Celebrities rally around bullied boy in heartbreaking viral video

Celebrities rally around bullied boy in heartbreaking viral video

A young boy's video where he details how badly he is being bullied at school has attracted the compassion of celebrities online.

Keaton Jones, from Tennessee, fights back tears as he tells his mother Kimberly, what other children are doing to him in middle school.

He explains that they tease him for the shape of his nose, that they pour milk on him, put ham in his clothes, has no friends and is too scared to go to lunch.

The devastating video has since gone viral online and has also been shared by his sister, Lakyn.

The hashtag #StandWithKeaton has been trending since Saturday.

Although people are disgusted at the level of abuse that Keaton is experiencing they have also admired his bravery for talking about his problem on camera and letting the whole world know.

In response, celebrities from all different types of industries have been sharing the video on their social media accounts, condemning bullying, showing solidarity and even inviting Keaton to get in touch with them.

He has received messages from musicians.

Athletes and sports personalities.

Actors and actresses.

Martin Luther King Jr's daughter, Bernice King also reached out.

Lee Unkrich the director of Toy Story 3 invited Keaton to visit Pixar.

Maybe the best message of them all came from Captain America actor Chris Evans, who invited Keaton and his mom to the eagerly awaited premiere of Avengers: Infinity War in LA next year.

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