Chrissy Teigen destroyed pro-Trump conspiracy theorist Jacob Wohl for claiming he was more famous than her

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Chrissy Teigen slammed right wing conspiracy theorist Jacob Wohl yesterday after the pro-Trump commentator claimed he was more famous than her.

Wohl drew national attention this week after attempting to discredit Robert Mueller’s investigation into Donald Trump with accusations of sexual harassment.

The claims against Mueller came from an agency called Surefire Intelligence, whose website was linked to Wohl’s email.

Employee LinkedIn profiles for the agency also had photos taken from stock images and celebrities, such as actor Christoph Waltz.

On Tuesday, Teigen asked her Twitter followers to explain what was going. “Can someone break down with [sic] jacob wohl did in one tweet?” she wrote. “Like a cliffs note please - my timeline is a mess I don’t have the energy.”

After followers piled in to slate Wohl, he replied with a screenshot of a Google Trends graph, showing a spike in searches for his name, and said “I became more famous than you. That’s what happened.”

Teigen was less than impressed.

The author and model currently has more than 10 million Twitter followers, compared to Wohl’s 179,000 followers.

Wohl became a minor celebrity on Twitter through his undying support of Donald Trump and a bizarre series of tweets about right-wing comments he claimed to have heard in “hipster coffee shops”.

At a press conference, Wohl attempted to defend his claims against Mueller. He was mocked when his much-hyped witness failed to show up and he appeared to not know how to spell the name of the accuser.

Wohl has achieved a lot for a man who's only 20.

He has previously been investigated for financial fraud and may now face an FBI investigation.

A spokesperson for Robert Mueller said the plot to bring sexual misconduct allegations against him had been sent to the security service.

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