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We should all know by now that Chrissy Teigen isn't afraid to voice her opinions on Twitter.

The 31-year-old American broadcaster, chef and model has famously hit out at Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Casey Affleck in the past - to name only a few.

She expertly shut down rumours suggesting that she was splitting from her husband, John Legend.

Even Naked Attraction was treated to her now famous brand of Twitter commentary.

This week, Chrissy discussed a vile video featuring racial abuse that has been shared countless times online.

The video features an Asian man being sworn at and physically slapped on a train in Fremont, California - the footage contains upsetting language.

The video made it's way to Chrissy's timeline on Friday and her response couldn't have been more accurate, commenting on both the culprit and the United States as a whole.

By sharing the video, Chrissy launched a debate on the historic and continuing problem of racism in America..

Others praised the patience and restraint of the man being abused in the video.

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