7 things to do if you have to isolate over Christmas

7 things to do if you have to isolate over Christmas

Despite the best will in the world, old assurances from Boris Johnson, and a very optimistic advert from Tesco, it looks like Christmas 2021 isn’t going to be quite the same as usual.

It has been reported that more than a million people are likely to be isolating with Covid-19 on Christmas Day after the chief medical officer Chris Whitty warned that Omicron was spreading “unbelievably fast” and people have been forced to make tough decisions about which social events to prioritise.

Last year, households were not allowed to mix on Christmas day and while Johnson has said he will not introduce similar measures this year (for now at least), it looks like the spread of infection might make people’s decision for them.

This sounds like a complete nightmare on paper and of course it is not ideal, but there are ways to have fun on Christmas even if you are holed up alone necking ibuprofen like there’s no tomorrow.

So, here are seven things you can do to salvage your Christmas.

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1. Bring back Zoom


We know. Very March 2020. But if you are stuck on your own over Christmas, technology really can help you feel less isolated. Schedule a few calls with family and friends throughout the day to feel connected and remember, you can always pretend your WiFi has cut out if you get sick of them – something you can’t do in person.

2. Decorate your home

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If you want to get into the festive spirit, your flat or house has to look the part so get a tree up and plaster some tinsel about the gaff. But if you have Covid maybe give the mistletoe a miss.

Your physical atmosphere can have a profound impact on your mood, after all.

3. Binge watch your favourite shows and films

Last Christmas I watched some TVGetty Creative

An advantage of spending Christmas isolated is that you don’t have to argue with anyone about what to stick on the telly. Back to back episodes of Seinfeld? If you want. Loads of festive films? Your choice!

Just as long as it isn’t Mrs Brown’s Boys...

4. Cook a nice festive meal

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Christmas is about food and drink and that is something Covid can’t take away - providing it hasn’t ravaged your sense of smell and taste that is. (Sorry if so.)

If not, cook up all your favourites and if Covid is making your Christmas less traditional than usual there’s no reason why you can’t embrace the difference and eat what you actually want. Dry turkey? No thanks – get a pizza in.

5. Pamper yourself

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If Christmas is about treating yourself then a Christmas in isolation should take that to the absolute limit. Get some face masks – and that means nice pampering ones, not Covid-y ones – have a long bath, read, chill, effectively do whatever you want, when you want (within the limits of the law of course).

6. Play some games and puzzles

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At every other time of the year, doing puzzles is considered something boring, mundane and a waste of time. But at Christmas? The more the merrier. If you are isolating over Christmas, why not do a 1000 word puzzle, or even a 10,000 puzzle?

Failing that, there are also games you can play remotely with other people – like online chess, video games and more.

7. Or... ignore it completely

Having your Christmas ruined by a global pandemic is no easy thing and sometimes it may be preferable to forget the whole thing and act like it is just a normal day rather than salvage it.

If you decide to do that, stay off social media, keep your head down, and do whatever makes you happy.

After all, there’s always next year.

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