'Chroming' trend prompts outcry from parent whose child's brain 'was damaged beyond repair"

'Chroming' trend prompts outcry from parent whose child's brain 'was damaged beyond repair"
What is chroming? Teenager dies after huffing toxic chemicals

A teenager in Australia has died after taking part in the dangerous trend called chroming.

Esra Hayne, 13, suffered a cardiac arrest after taking part in the fatal challenge at a friend's sleepover. Medics worked to revive the teen, but sadly a doctor said "her brain was damaged beyond repair".

Her mother Andrea told A Current Affair: "It was just the regular routine of going to hang out with her mates,"

"We always knew where she was and we knew who she was with. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary."

She continued: "To get this phone call at that time of night was one of the calls no parent ever wants to have to receive and we, unfortunately, got that call: ‘Come and get your daughter.’

"We’ve got the pictures in our mind which will never be erased, you know, of what we were confronted with."

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Chroming is the latest fatal trend across the internet. It is also known as 'huffing', 'glue sniffing' and 'dusting'.

"Glues, gases, solvents, and aerosols are breathed in or inhaled from something acting as a container or holder," the Talk to Frankwebsite explains.

"There are several different ways to do this, but whatever method is used, it is difficult to control the dose and all methods are potentially fatal."

Risks are greater when taken in an enclosed space and side effects can include "confusion, slurred speech, mood swings, aggressive behaviour, hallucinations, vomiting, blackouts and breathing difficulties."

"There are over 50 deaths a year involving glues, gases, solvents and aerosols," the drug information site continued. "Of the substances, butane is involved in the most deaths."

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