India's youngest climate change activist is tired of being compared to Greta Thunberg


Licypriya Kangujam, a climate activist from Manipur, India, is just eight years old.

She’s been fighting to save the planet since 2018, and in a recent Twitter thread, says that she’s sick of the media comparing her to 17-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg.

Kangujam is fighting to save the future of the planet. In a Twitter thread, she expressed her frustrations at coverage of her hard work. She wrote:

I am not doing my activism to looks like Greta Thunberg. Yes, she is one of our Inspiration & great influencer. We have common goal but I have my own identity, story.

I first raised my voice to world leaders in Mongolia in an UN event in July 4, 2018. Since then I started my movement called 'Child Movement'. In Hindi, we called it 'Bachpan Andolan' to call our world leaders to take immediate climate action.

Having already spoken in over 21 countries about climate change, Kangujam has sacrificed a great deal of her time to the cause.

She dropped out of school to protest in front of the Parliament of India, and said that, “I sacrificed so much of my life in this tender age is not to called me 'Greta of India'," she added, passionately, that by calling her that, "you are not covering my story. You are deleting a story".

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