If a lizard trying to climb up your leg is one nightmare of yours, imagine having that happen on live television.

One CNN reporter was the unlucky victim of exactly this scenario when a little lizard tried to scurry up her leg while she was being interviewed live in front of the White House.

The visibly shocked White House Correspondent, Abby D. Phillip, can be seen looking down suddenly during the interview while she starts stepping from side to side, covering her mouth.

When the other reporters realise something is wrong, they ask:

Abby what was that?

Phillip composes herself, and smiles, replying:

It was a lizard climbing on me. Sorry. That happened on live television.

When they ask whether or not she is okay, she jokes:

I don’t think its okay, but I’m fine. At least it wasn’t an alligator.

Those who witnessed the incident praised the reporter for keeping her cool the whole time.

Now that's what you call staying professional on the job.

P.S. For those of you worrying, the lizard apparently escaped unharmed and is alive and well.

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