'Daddy's not his usual self': The chilling phone call that led police to uncover a cocaine factory

Jesisca Brown
Friday 27 October 2017 11:30
Picture:(Merseyside Police )

A young boy, concerned about his dad, rang the police to say “Daddy’s not his usual self.” Little did he know the chain of events this sensible act would trigger.

The phone call the boy made to police, from Merseyside, Liverpool, had in fact revealed to police his dad’s cocaine factory.

Police went to the home of Barry Dermott after his son told them he had been “sniffing white powder and drinking alcohol”.

When officers arrived at the house they reportedly discovered a "concealed knife near the entrance," a .38 rimfire revolver wrapped in a plastic bag hidden under the stairs and five rounds of ammunition.

Liverpool Crown Court also heard that police seized a concoction of cocaine and other drugs, mixing agents and weighing scales.

Dermott, 46, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to six years and two months in prison for possession of a firearm, ammunition and allowing premises to be used for the production of Class A drugs.

Dermott said in his police interview that he spent £300 every weekend on his drug addiction, and let people store drugs in his home.

Analysis of the gun found that it belonged to 24-year-old Thomas Rowan, and who was sentenced to seven years in prison for his role in keeping the firearm at the house.

Sentencing, Judge Denis Watson said to both defendants:

This was a genuine firearm. It was not loaded, but in the rucksack were five rounds of ammunition of the correct calibre to fit in the revolver.

That firearm had been used to enforce the wishes of a drug supply gang, or would be in the future.

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