Horrified mother bites rusty needle found in £1 supermarket salad

'We're keeping an eye on it': Fruit sellers in Australia vigilant as …

A woman was left horrified after biting into a “lethal” sewing needle that was in her £1 supermarket salad.

The mother of two slammed the supermarket after finding the rusty sewing needle in her coleslaw and claims the incident was a close call.

Helen Paton from Perth in Western Australia explained that she found the offending item in a Coles Kitchen coleslaw mix that was worth $2 (£1.12).

Speaking to 7 News, Paton said she initially believed she’d bitten into a hard piece of vegetable, before realising that it felt more like metal. She removed the piece from her mouth only to realise it was a large rusty needle.

Paton was left unharmed as she didn’t “didn't chew it”, but was left “shocked” by the grim and potentially dangerous discovery.

Paton said: “Someone could have impaled their mouth, they could have swallowed it,” adding, “I think it’s quite a lethal potential.”

She wants the supermarket to consider recalling the product over fears that it may happen to another unsuspecting customer.

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Australian supermarket Coles since apologised over the incident and confirmed that police will be contacted over the incident.

A spokesperson said: “We are very concerned to hear this and we would like to extend our apologies.

“Please be informed that this incident will be referred to police for investigation.”

The woman’s discovery comes after a swathe of reports in 2018 that claimed customers were finding needles inside fresh strawberries.

At the time, the reports led to thousand of fresh strawberries being destroyed and pulled from supermarket shelves across supermarkets in Australia.

Supermarkets such as Coles and Aldi stopped selling strawberries altogether for a number of weeks.

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