Comedian Nish Kumar ridicules Brexit by comparing it to Groundhog Day in epic rant

Louis Staples
Friday 11 January 2019 14:15

As the old saying goes, Brexit means Brexit. The only problem is, with Brexit just weeks away, we still don't have a clue what it will look like.

As a new series of Question Time kicked off on BBC1, comedian and guest panellist Nish Kumar described the mess of Brexit in devastating but humorous terms.

In a funny yet poignant rant, the comedian compared Brexit to the famous film Groundhog Day, in which a man re-lives the same day hundreds of times.

In the mini monologue, he said:

We’re told it’s about returning parliamentary sovereignty, yet when the Speaker intervenes to… Return sovereignty to Parliament, we’re told it’s about returning sovereignty to the will of the people.

When we’re asked if we can have a second vote for the people or a general election, we’re told it’s not about the will of the people – it was about the will of the people that one time and now the people need to shut up for the rest of their lives.

Twitter users reacted positively to the epic rant, which many felt captured their own feelings on the issue.

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