Comedians join forces for hilarious song about missing normal life to raise funds for NHS

<p>Miranda Hart and Harry Hill</p>

Miranda Hart and Harry Hill

Harry Hill, Miranda Hart and Jo Brand are among 30 comedians who have recorded a song to raise money for the NHS.

Can’t Wait is “a fun, silly celebration of everything we were missing about normal life”, with appearances from a host of famous faces.

The celebrities sing: “Can’t wait to not get served in a crowded pub. Can’t wait to stand in line two hours for a club.

“Can’t wait to go to the football, people shoving me. You’re right in my face and in my personal space – oh god I’ve missed this.”

Proceeds from the song will go to NHS Charities Together, a federation of 250 organisations that supports staff, volunteers and patients within the health service.

Simon Brodkin who wrote it during lockdown, said it was “partly inspired by Captain Tom, partly motivated by guilt (I was a doctor before I became a comedian and left the NHS years ago), and partly because taking on a big project would be a great way of getting out of home-schooling my kids”.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, he said: “Six months ago, in the midst of a lockdown, with all live comedy having ground to a halt and my tour postponed for a third time, I had a fun idea: what if a bunch of stand-up comedians got together over Zoom and recorded a song for the NHS?

“I reached out to the very funny musical comedians Huge Davies and Bennet Kavanagh and together we wrote Can’t Wait!”

Many of the comedians have personal links to the NHS – Hill and Adam Kay are former doctors, Brand worked as a nurse and Tim Vine’s mother was a GP receptionist.

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