Community acts to stop plainclothes police officer from arresting teenage girl

This is the moment members of the public acted to stop an undercover police officer arrest a teenage girl.

The incident was filmed in New York last week by Michael Barber of the Copwatch Patrol Unit, which regularly films interactions with the police.

In an incident thought to have been sparked by a seven-year-old boy pressing the button on a police call box, one of two plainclothes police officers tries to arrest a girl, thought to be 14, who was repeatedly insisting she had done nothing wrong.

It's then, at around six minutes in during the video below, that onlookers intervene, almost forcing the officer away from the girl.

One woman is hearing to shout: "You know you're doing wrong, go home!"

The officers eventually return to their unmarked car and drive off, leaving the girl behind.

Barber told the Free Thought Project: "I was scared to put up this video at first because I was not sure if it would get the cops in trouble or the community but everyone was wrong at some point."

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