The world’s favourite contraceptives, in one map

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What’s your favourite?

Seeing as 'I’m allergic to latex' doesn’t cut it anymore.

According to the WHO study of contraceptives and unmet family planning needs in 45 countries of the world, one method constituted more than half of contraceptive use.

Of these, the most common was the pill, which was the majority method in 15 countries.

‘Injectable’ were common in 10, and the IUD in seven.

Fewer countries had withdrawal, female sterilization, and male condom used by more than half the contraceptive users

Contraceptive used by married and in-union women aged 15-49

'Unmet family planning needs' refers to women having sex who do not have access to contraception and who are not intending to procreate.

National tastes

The UN 2016 world contraceptives survey recorded the most popular form of contraceptive used in each country.

Removing data from prior to 2010, indy100 has created this interactive map.

Male condoms appear popular in the former USSR, while injectable contraceptives and pill form are common in Africa and South East Asia

‘Rhythm’, whereby you abstain from sex apart from when the woman is not ovulating and fertile, is quite popular in sub-Saharan Africa.

LAM stands for 'Lactational amenorrhea method'.

According to Baby Center,

Studies have confirmed that women who exclusively breastfeed their baby around-the-clock and who have not started menstruating are very unlikely to get pregnant during the first six months after they give birth.

The method is used most prominently in Guinea.

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