‘Confession cakes’ created by Great British Bake Off finalist to be given away

‘Confession cakes’ created by Great British Bake Off finalist to be given away
GBBO star Crystelle Pereira opens Maltesers ‘Honesty Baked In’ bakery offering confession cakes that encourage people to feed their dark side (Maltesers/PA)

A pop-up bakery is set to give away free cakes to the public with a cheeky twist.

Dark Maltesers is to take over the Hummingbird Bakery in South Kensington on August 3 to encourage people to be honest about their feelings and channel their “dark side” by giving away free “confession cakes” with the choice of different messages, including “I’ve got the ick” and “I borrowed your clothes without asking”.

The recipe for the chocolate and cardamom cakes have been crafted by Great British Bake Off 2021 finalist Crystelle Pereira, who said that the idea perfectly encapsulates “showing emotions through baking”.

Messages which can be piped onto the cakes (Maltesers/PA)

Data from the confectioner found that more than half (54%) of those in the UK do not feel comfortable expressing how they truly feel as they fear they may upset loved ones, so it decided to give Britons the chance to get their feelings piped onto cakes.

Ms Pereira said: “So many people – including myself – use baking to show love for someone, whether you’re making a cake for a friend, or making a dessert for a dinner party.

“I find the whole process so therapeutic and that’s why I love this campaign – it’s taking that very essence of showing emotions through baking but in an authentic and honest way. I’m already laughing at the thought of the messages that will be going on these cakes.”

Crystelle Pereira (Maltesers/PA)

Clare Moulder, senior brand manager from Maltesers, said: “We all have a dark side and throughout our daily lives, we encounter situations where we feel like it’s easier to tell a little white lie in favour of the truth.

“Despite this, it feels much better to just be honest, which is why we’re helping the nation embrace their dark side and finally say what they’re really thinking – through delicious, but direct, confession cakes sold exclusively at the Dark Maltesers Presents: Honesty Baked In bakery.”

Those with a sweet tooth will need to head to 47 Old Brompton Road in South Kensington between 12 and 5pm on August 3 to get a free cake, and the Hummingbird Bakery is set to keep the Malteser Dark cakes on the menu until the end of August.

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