The man who filmed the moment a white woman called the police on a nine-year-old child and falsely accused him of touching her bum doesn't believe her apology.

Teresa Klein was accused of being a racist after she called the police on the black child, and critics characterised the incident as the latest example of a "hypersensitive white person" calling the police to report black people for questionable reasons.

Klein was nicknamed 'Cornerstone Caroline' by Jason Littlejohn, a 37-year-old Flatbush resident who recorded the incident outside the Saharah Deli in Brooklyn.

The 53-year-old woman, who calls herself a 'feminist and a Buddhist' later acknowledged the young boy had touched her accidently, but accused his mum of pretending to be a police and left a threatening message for her.

Well, she's sorry. Kind of.

In a statement she said:

I would like to apologise to her daughter and her son but to to her. She could have walked away, but she didn't. I'm also a Buddhist, [but] I let my temper show. I've been called racist before, and I'm not.

Littlejohn isn't buying it.

He told the New York Post: "So insincere [her apology]. She just did not care."

Littlejohn, who is friend's with the little boy's mum, also reveals that the child is "doing better."

He's doing better...something needs to be dome to resolve the boy's pain.

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