This genius lyric generator turns coronavirus handwashing guidelines into into your favourite songs

The constant coronavirus coverage is so draining that it’s almost un-memeable.


The internet will always prevail and thankfully, a savvy developer did a Mary Poppins and found the element of fun in the global (unofficial) pandemic.

This was thanks to the advice from the NHS on proper handwashing techniques.

Apparently you’re supposed to do it for 20 seconds – aka the length of time it takes to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice through in your head.

This will come as a shock to those who apparently washed their hands for 0 seconds pre-epidemic.

But “Happy Birthday” can get a little boring – so a UK coder called William Gibson created “Wash Your Lyrics”.

Basically, input any song and its artist and Wash Your Lyrics will fit them to the official NHS guidelines.

Even the Health Secretary is a fan (although he’s taking it a little too seriously…)

But for those out there who know how to actually enjoy a meme, Wash Your Lyrics is bringing a lot of joy.

LeAnn Rimes briefly became relevant again.

Bjork's lyricism was finally fully appreciated.

And Dolly Parton of course made an appearance.

According to William, the first day saw over 121,000 users make posters.

Unsurprisingly, the public have very… basic tastes.

The top four songs?

Queen, Rick Astley, Smash Mouth and Toto.

Good to know some things will always stay consistently bad – like the general public’s lack of imagination when it comes to music.

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