This man had to visit his office during lockdown so he made a 'finger on a stick' to avoid germs

More and more people are increasingly working from home as companies take precautions to stop the spread of coronavirus.

But if you’re still coming into an office, you’re going to want be prudent.

Richard Skrubis, a startup founder based in Latvia, made a ‘finger on a stick’ – so that he could still get into his office without having to touch the fingerprint scanner at the door.

He posted a video of himself using it at his office entrance, which shows an optical fingerprint scanner beeping green after he uses his ‘finger on a stick’.

He explains how he did it in a follow-up tweet.

I used body safe casting silicone and human flesh pigment. Given the short working time of the resin – I managed to find only a very lousy stick.

He also posted a photo of the hand that he coated to make the finger and explained the whole thing took around 90 minutes.

In order to make just the finger, he waited for 30 minutes with the silicone and pigment on.

Lots of people pointed out that Skrubis will probably still have to disinfect the finger because it’s coming into contact with the scanner, which is being touched by plenty of other people’s real fingers.

If you think one of these might be useful to unlock your phone, you might have to be more inventive – Skrubis said that his version doesn’t work with a smartphone.

Until things change, the best bet to keep yourself as germ-free as possible is still regularly washing your hands.

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