Today is a big day in British politics as the government announces its budget and how they plan to delegate funds across the country to improve facilities.

Obviously this is very important and a PMQs always follows this sort of announcement, however with the ongoing threat of the coronavirus and the fact that health minister Nadine Dorries has tested positive for the virus, perhaps they could have made an exception, you just so no one else gets infected.

After all, Dorries was in parliament just last week and was even at an International Women's Day event with Boris Johnson last Thursday so there is a good chance that the virus could have been spread to others who were in close proximity to her.

However, Downing Street sources have said that the prime minister is showing no signs of having the virus so he will not be tested, which doesn't sound like that most logical thing ever.

With that in mind, the government went ahead with PMQs, which given that the main topic would be the budget, was strongly attended by MPs, despite warnings that mass public gatherings at this time are not advisable.

Soon, images of the MPs in parliament, which less than a week ago played host to someone with coronavirus appeared online to much ridicule.

It was also pointed out that as the opposition Labour could have taken a stance and not attended, which might have been a risky measure on budget day but would have set a precedent.

Here is a clip of Dominic Raab coughing away like no one should be concerned.

The Labour MP Charlotte Nichols arguably had the best response as she watched PMQs from the safety of her own office.

Around the world, major gatherings, festivals and sporting events have either been cancelled or closed off to the public to prevent further spread of the virus.

Italy is currently in a nationwide lock down, while the leaders of the EU held an online summit rather than congregating in mass numbers. In the United States, both Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden cancelled rallies in Ohio amid concerns.

However, the UK seems to be brazenly carrying on regardless with sporting events set to carry on as usual and by the looks of things so will parliament, despite an MP literally having the virus!

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