Spanish police filmed singing and dancing to cheer up neighbourhood on coronavirus lockdown

Spanish police filmed singing and dancing to cheer up neighbourhood on coronavirus lockdown

A heartwarming video has emerged of local police in Spain singing and dancing along with neighbours who join in from their windows and balconies where they appear to be self-isolating due to coronavirus.

The video shows a small street in Algaida, Majorca, where two police cars appear with their sirens on to people's applause. They then park their cars and get out with one of them brandishing a guitar. He shouts:

We've come to sing!

The five police officers then proceed to count the street into a sing-along of "Joan Petit", a common Catalan childrens' song which functions in a similar way to "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" does in English.

The one with the guitar leads the singing, the other four clap and dance, while neighbours throughout the street do the same. According to the local newspaper (Diario de Mallorca), one of the officers is part of a singing group, and they plan to continue singing to citizens across the area today, as advertised on their social media platforms (which may explain why some of the neighbours seemed unsurprised by the impromptu show).

The video was originally posted to Twitter by user Ada Jo March, although she didn't take the footage herself. It has now been viewed over 140,000 times and reached local television stations last night.

When retweeted by a British person, the responses pointed out the cultural barriers to anything like that happening in the UK.

As of yesterday, the number of cases in Spain was continuing to rise, with the latest figure putting the death toll at 1,326, and number of registered cases at 24,926.

Spain is still currently in lockdown, with heavy restrictions on movement and all but crucial services shut down.

We're glad to see at least people are not losing their sense of fun.

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