Police terrify an entire city by accidentally using the siren from The Purge to get people to stay inside

The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic has led to massive lockdowns around countries, cities and towns.

In some cities, curfews have been implemented, and police departments are coming up with ways to enforce them.

Earlier this week, a police department in Louisiana enforced a 9pm curfew using a siren. The problem was that the sound they were using seemed to be from a series of dystopian of horror films. Literally.

The Crowley Police department played the siren at 9pm, which is when the curfew starts, to encourage residents to get back to their houses. The curfew just came into place last week, and the police department said that they were using a siren which was different from their regular sirens so that people could tell the difference.

The siren sound that they used is commonly associated with the film series, The Purge – a series of horror films where all crime is legal for 24 hours, and all emergency services are suspended. The sound of those particular sirens can be heard at the beginning of all of the Purge films.

On Twitter, users of social media posted about the similarities between the sirens that the police department used and those that are used in the Purge, with many of them expressing disbelief.

The police chief, Jimmy Broussard, told a local news station that he wasn’t familiar with the sound of the siren and its association with the film the Purge. Facebook posts made by the police department, with details of the curfew, received hundreds of comments from residents asking why the alarm had been used. The Crawley Police Department has since clarified that they will not use the siren again.

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