All these people who recently met Trump might have coronavirus

All these people who recently met Trump might have coronavirus

Donald Trump’s response to coronavirus thus far has been incredibly nonchalant.

So far the president of the United States has managed to spread an impressive amount of misinformation, at a rate almost as fast as the virus.

This includes claiming that the US has complete control of the virus spread, that the number of cases is going down (there have been over 200 more cases since Sunday, taking the known total to 729) and then called the death rate calculated by the World Health Organisation a “false number”.

Oh, and he said he’s got a natural ability for medicine.

But now coronavirus – which is worse than flu, whatever Trump claims – is creeping very close to the orange man in the White House.

It’s been noted that a number of people Trump has recently interacted with have had to self-isolate after being exposed to the virus.

Ruh roh!

With the “elderly and sick” most at risk from the pandemic, the 73 year-old president might want to take precautions.

Hilariously, one of the most high-profile Republicans who is self-quarantining is Congressman Matt Gaetz, recently in the headlines for wearing a gas mask as a “joke” while voting on a coronavirus funding bill.

Almost immediately afterwards, Gaetz then announced actually, he was going into self-isolation because it turned out he’d definitely come into contact with someone who had been diagnosed with coronavirus.


But before he went into quarantine, Gaetz still had time to fly on a plane with Trump and travel in his car.

He’s not the only isolating politician Trump’s been hob-knobbing with either.

Incoming chief of staff Mark Meadows has also put himself into quarantine, even though he initially tested negative for the virus.

Which is… fastidious.

Then there’s Ted Cruz, who met with Trump last week to talk immigration.

The butter fan has also gone into quarantine after interacting with someone who tested positive for the virus.

And to top it off, Congressman Doug Collins is also staying home after meeting someone later diagnosed.

He was pictured shaking hands with Trump after that interaction took place.

Trump however, still hasn’t taken a test.

Maybe it’s for the best – could we really survive the tweets produced by a Donald Trump in self-isolation?

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