The UK government has significantly ramped up its response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Responding to growing backlash at Britain’s response to the virus, which has been interpreted as slower than many of our neighbouring nations, prime minister Boris Johnson held a press conference to announce a string of new measures aimed at preventing more infections and potential deaths.

In a stark warning, it was revealed that London is significantly ahead of other parts of the UK in terms of an upward curve in new infections.

In short, the biggest shifts in the government’s advice are as follows:

  • Everyone should now avoid social contact with others where possible, including unnecessary travel, going to clubs, pubs, theatres and other social venues.

  • Working from home where you possibly can.

  • Anyone who lives with someone with symptoms (persistent cough or temperature) should stay at home for 14 days, not just seven.

  • The government won’t be “supporting” mass gatherings.

Naturally, the feeling that prevention measures have been significantly ramped up has caused quite a lot of reaction online. We are living in truly surreal, unprecedented times, and lots of people feel understandably anxious about what lies in store.

People are worried about what these measures will mean for small businesses and workers

Others are offering self-isolation advice

People are questioning why the government isn’t putting a more enforced lockdown in place

Some have questioned why not the UK still isn’t following World Health Organisation’s guidelines on testing.

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