Every day, President Donald Trump holds a press conference on how the US is dealing with Covid-19 – and every day, he’s been trying to shift the blame for the spread of the virus onto someone else.

Most recently, he blamed Nancy Pelosi for going to parties in Chinatown, and saying that “she wanted to show that this thing doesn’t exist.”

The remarks were in response to a question asked about Trump’s recent comments on the WHO, which he had recently said the US would pull funding from.

Trump also said that he had wanted to put travel bans in place – and that he was one of the first to do so (this is not true).

He then criticised Nancy Pelosi for visiting restaurants and shops in Chinatown, San Francisco (part of her district) on February 24, saying that she was trying to ‘have parties’ in Chinatown.

He also seemed to confuse Chinatown and China, because he said that this happened long after he had “closed the border to China”.

Trump added that Pelosi had deleted a clip of her encouraging people to come to Chinatown from her social media accounts, but she had never posted the video in the first place.

In the clip, Pelosi can be heard encouraging people to visit Chinatown and emphasising that prevention was key to stopping the spread of Covid-19.

On that same day that Pelosi visited Chinatown, Trump tweeted that Covid-19 was under control in the USA.

Public figures have criticised Trump for his conflation of China with Chinatown, particularly as he has made several incendiary comments about Asian-Americans and Asia at previous press conferences. He was criticised for calling the novel coronavirus the 'Wuhan virus' or 'Chinese virus.'

At the press conference, Trump said that some politicians “on the other side” don’t know what they’re doing and that in his book, the US was a developing nation too. In a press conference on April 13, Trump claimed that Pelosi had tried to encourage a parade in Chinatown, but this was held on February 8, two weeks before Pelosi had encouraged people to visit Chinatown.

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