Which country has the most women and which has the most men?

If you've ever wondered, we've looked into it for you.

The data for 2015, which comes from the United Nations Population Division, shows the number of men for every 100 women in countries around the world.

We've made it into the following map:

That's the overall picture, here's the detail. Martinique is the country with the most women

Whereas the United Arab Emirates has the most men, followed by Qatar.

These ratios are largely determined either by conflict or a gender imbalanced culture.

For example, Russia took the most casualties from the Second World War and has been recovering ever since - in 1950 there were just 76.6 men per 100 women.

That number has been rising, reaching a peak in 1995, before declining again slightly - the figure is now 86.8.

In Latvia, a high mortality rate for young men is largely to blame.

Meanwhile, high ratios in the UAE and Qatar are partly due to a high reliance on expatriate male workers, while in China the case is due to a one child policy and a culturally ingrained preference for boys.

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