Nobody can pronounce the name of the drug being used in the new Covid-19 medication

Greg Evans
Tuesday 10 November 2020 11:15

News that a trial for a coronavirus vaccine had proven to be 90 per cent successful in combatting the disease was greeted with jubilation at the thought of life soon returning to normal.

Although it remains to be seen when the vaccine will have a mass roll-out across the globe, the initial trials are positive and a landmark moment in the pandemic.

in addition, there is now an approved medication which can be used to treat patients with Covid-19. The drug was granted emergency approval by the FDA this week.

However, there is a slight problem with this in that the name of the drug, bamlanivimab, is proving to be almost unpronounceable and thus, like most things on the internet, it has become a viral joke.

For some, it reminded them of doo-wop songs or Little Richard.

However, by far the most popular gag was that bamlanivimab sounded like a lyric from the classic Ram Jam song 'Black Betty.'

Needless to say, bamlanivimab is not a cure for coronavirus but its definitely a welcome antidote to the pandemic, even if it is impossible to say.

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