Covid-denier filmed trying to remove man from hospital as doctor warns ‘he’ll drop dead any minute’

Covid-denier filmed trying to remove man from hospital as doctor warns ‘he’ll drop dead any minute’
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A maskless man was forcibly removed from a hospital by security guards, a viral video showed, after he tried to remove a Covid-19 patient from the ward.

The man can be seen shouting abuse and conspiracy theories as he was dragged out of the acute respiratory care unit of the East Surrey Hospital, after he and two others snuck into the building in an attempt to retrieve a patient who apparently wanted to leave.

Last week, the same man filmed a team of medical staff while insisting that they discharge the elderly patient – who was supposedly a family member – despite a doctor telling him that he could 'drop dead at any minute'.

The video, which has been viewed nearly one million times on Twitter alone, showed him insisting that the patient should be taken off oxygen, and repeatedly ignoring requests to leave.

When he was told that he was putting his health and the health of others at risk by being there, he said: "It's our own risk".

This comes as more than 100,000 people have died from Covid across Britain. People across social media called the whole situation “horrifying” and “tragic”. “I am raging for those doctors, nurses and security staff because this will traumatise them,” one person commented. Others highlighted the dangers of spreading misinformation about the virus and shared the video in solidarity with healthcare workers.

The patient – who was struggling to breathe – removed his oxygen and asked to leave the hospital, but was told that he would die if he did.

Then the man asked staff whether Covid-19 was even 'proven to exist' and repeated other baseless conspiracy theories.

The video also shows him accusing the hospital staff of 'lying' about his condition and leaving his family without information.

The doctor said: "My main concern is his safety and at the moment you are making him unsafe. He's taken his oxygen off, he's going to die if we don't put it back on."

The patient responded: "No I'm not."

After continued arguing, security guards finally arrived and started to forcibly remove him.

The Surrey Police said of the event that occurred last week, “The escalation of this incident, with the abusive comments being directed at the hospital on social media, is extremely concerning, and further enquiries into this matter are ongoing.”

"Unfortunately, there is a small minority of people who do not understand or refuse to appreciate the seriousness of the impact of the pandemic,” East Surrey Chief Inspector Kimball Edey added.

Videos like these show the nefarious effects of Covid conspiracy theories that run rampant online and in alt-right media outlets. As always, the deadly spread of misinformation leads to dire consequences.

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