Republican members of Congress are being criticised for making it appear that they supported Joe Biden’s landmark Covid relief bill.

No Republican voted for the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan that was signed into law last Thursday.

This was despite polls showing Republican grassroot support for the bill.

So some GOP politicians decided to act as if they had taken an active role in the bill’s passing, despite not actually voting for it.

However, this was not in reference to the American Rescue Plan but to another piece of funding legislation entirely.

The bill is a proposed loan programme to help recover the economy ravaged by the pandemic.

However, it’s not true to say the Biden administration has implemented the bill, as it hasn’t been presented for a vote yet.

Salazar has since confirmed that she did not vote for the original bill.

Another example is Senator Roger Wicker who tweeted about a victory in securing relief for the restaurant industry.

Senator Wicker did add to the bill, ensuring a clause for restaurant relief, however, ultimately he did not vote for it, a move that was met with criticism.

When asked, he said, “One good provision in a $1.9 trillion bill doesn’t mean I have to vote for the whole thing.”

Polling shows voters tend to favour the Democrat method as opposed to the path the Republicans wanted to go down - a much smaller package.

This is not a new thing as Republicans took credit for various Obama administration backed bills, according to HuffPost.

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